Thanatotherapy is an area of contact with a process of dying and Death itself; the main goal of Thanatotherapy as a method is to make this contact full and real. Everyone knows that one should die; nobody believes that one will die. Thus the transition from "permanent" state of dying to a terminal (final) phase is a great emotional and physical slock.

Concept of Thanatotherapy

Тhe phenomenon of right, natural dying lies at the base of Thanatotherapy, as well as the idea of biological and social body. Life and Death are nothing but two sides of the same reality. When we try to ignore Death we deprive ourselves of the great source of energy (i.e. energy of fear of death).
Method of Thanatotherapy is addressed to and can be used by:
  • All Mortals - in order to come to more complete awareness of their life task and of their place in the universal Life-Death process; to establish full contact with their inner and outer resource; to achieve the most possible relaxation similar to the state of the body just after death - and still come back to life
  • Groups of personal growth - for the great transpersonal experience (separation with the body and "quest of the soul")
  • People physically ill - to trigger and activate the biological reactions of self-healing process
  • Psychotherapists and practical psychologists - to make a strong affect on problem patterns without pushing a client into acting out
  • People with sleep disorders - in order to gain back the contact with this kind of "minor death"
  • Men and women having problems in sexual relationships - to recognize the cause of their difficulties and find the solution
  • Pregnant women - to come into contact with their biological body and its healthy reactions as a basis of natural and painless birth
  • People having a problem of fear of Death - step over the barriers of their fear, to see their problems as the root of the fear, to find a way to the solution
  • Patients terminally ill - to recognize and accept pain - and thus get relief from it
  • Those who take care of the terminally ill (professionals and relatives of patients) - to learn how to relax patients, take away their pain, distract them from destructive and painful thoughts, raise their spirit and give way to optimism and acceptance.

Vladimir Baskakov

born 1954, graduated from Moscow State University (Department of Psychology) in 1981. Psychologist, body psychotherapist, thanato- therapist; Coordinator of the International "Body Culture" Programm; trainer of long-term programs in body psychotherapy and thanatotherapy.


125047 Moscow,
Phone/Fax: +7 (903) 728 99 24

Basics of Educational Program on Thanatotherapy:

1. Main characteristics of natural (right!) dying - complete relaxation, passivity, being an object, switching off the overcontrol.
2. Biological and social body. The four basic problems of the social body: overcontrol (head), contacts (hands), sexual relationships (genital area), grounding and support (legs and feet).
3. Biological breathing. Death breath.
4. Types of Death. Sleep as death.
5. Types of Death. Orgasm as "minor death".
6. Fear of Death.
7. Mapping of the Death process.
8. Work with terminally ill and people in agony. Balance between "sanation / termination" processes.


  • 5-hour presentation;
  • 2-day presentation with initiation process;
  • One-year program: 3 levels - 3-day seminars thrice a year;
  • Meta-level: supervision seminars.

Manual on Thanatotherapy

includes the description of Thanatotherapy tools and techniques as well as analysis of individual experience in the group.

Mapping of Death Process:

Guide maps for Thanatotherapy group members are being built based on the analysis of the their experience. The goal is to explore and to get more oriented in the worlds of Death.
Fear of death is stimulating
What is thanatotherapy and how does it relate to death? How to stop being afraid of death without blocking the mandatory self-preservation instinct? Editor of Pravda.Ru Inna Novikova talked about this with Vladimir Baskakov, a psychologist, thanatotherapy, director of the Institute of thanatotherapy and the author of a unique methodology.
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